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GCFORCB Organisation

Global Centre for Capacity Building (GCFORCB) Organisation is a Public Health Non- profits capacity building organisation, dedicated to improve health facilities and human resources. Our work results in saving lives and developing skills of human resources and facilities. We improve collaborative operations, strengthen infrastructure necessary to handle the growth that comes from our healthy promotive service initiatives and develops relationship between charities, corporations, foundations, and government, gcforcb Organisation is a public private initiative that has collaboratively evolved through consultations with multiple constituencies including Indian and international academia, state and central governments, multi & bi-lateral agencies and civil society groups.

GCFORCB Organisation

Our vision

Our vision is to strengthen India’s public health institutional and systems capability to achieve better health outcomes for all.  In pursuance of its vision and guiding principles, the Global Centre for Capacity Building organise teaching programs to facilitate the development of competent and committed professionals for practice, research and teaching; undertakes research; develops and disseminates knowledge; and reaches out to the larger community through extension, at the local, national, regional and international levels.

GCFORCB Organisation

Our mission

Developing the public health workforce and setting standards. Advancing public health research and technology Strengthening knowledge application and evidence-informed public health practice and policy.  Creation and provision of public health relevant and high quality professional education in a wide range of inter-disciplinary areas of public health to a larger number of students from all sections of the society in the country.

GCFORCB Organisation


Transparency  :
We uphold uncompromising integrity. We demonstrate honest, ethical behavior in all transactions and we make a positive contribution to society. 

Impression :
Link efforts to improving public health outcomes, knowledge to action, responsive to existing and emerging public health priorities.

Well-versed :
Knowledge based, evidence driven approach in all we do, drawing on diverse and multi-disciplinary expertise, open to innovative approaches.

Superiority :
Aim for highest standards in all aspects of our work, encourage, recognize and celebrate our achievements.

Liberation :
Independent view & voice, based on research integrity & excellence, support academic and research freedom, contributing to public health goals and interests.

Generality :
Strive for equitable and sustainable development, working with communities, collaborate and partner with other public health organisations.